The prenatal appointments with my midwife were drastically different from my previous experience. She listened to me! She heard me! We made a plan for my birth based on research, our experiences, and my personal history. We talked about all aspects of my health, including diet, exercise, and being healthy in every way. The doctor that had been caring for me kindly agreed to be available to me at the hospital if needed.

Of course, my midwife also checked my blood pressure, baby’s heart rate, the growth of the baby, and other normal stuff. I also had an ultrasound and evaluation with a doctor that my midwife works with as part of my prenatal care. We were well prepared and looking forward to the arrival of our baby.

The morning of active labor began. It was a very relaxed, peaceful time of sweet fellowship as we watched a movie, laughed a lot, and just enjoyed the visit (believe it or not). My birth team was such a great support and comfort to me. My healthy baby was born that evening and at home. I cannot type this without tears in my eyes, as I reflect on his beautiful birth.