My First Experience – The Typical Hospital Birth

After discovering that we were pregnant with our first child, I had an intense desire to make my pregnancy the very best that I could. I watched what I ate, continued to exercise and read every natural pregnancy book and magazine that I could fine. I found an OB and began my prenatal appointments. I felt incredibly discouraged by the disrespect and “herd” mentality present during my office visits. I felt rushed in and out and many of my “natural-minded” questions were met with complete disregard and some eye rolling. I made the best of the situation and proceeded to continue my own education into healthy childbirth. Unfortunately, my birth plan was absolutely disregarded from the minute I walked into the hospital. I was pressured to induce and then asked over and over again if I wanted pain medication although I had made myself early on 0 I did not. In the end we had a beautiful, healthy little girl.

My Natural Home Birth Experience

The disappointment of my first birthing experience stayed with me and I began to seriously consider homebirth. I began researching and sharing statistics with my husband and we began to see what a safe option homebirth is. We discussed the fact that complications can arise, and babies can even die, whether you are at home or in the hospital. We wanted the best and healthiest for our children, and decided that we would trust God in either situation.

Within a year we were pregnant with our second child and had our own homebirth experience. The prenatal visits were done in my own home and were thorough yet very relaxed. My midwife spent time answering any and every question and concern I had. I felt respected and cared for. I cannot tell you how incredibly healing my homebirth was. The birth of my son was glorious from the first contraction. There was peace and quiet during my entire labor. I believe it was this peace and being in our home that made my labor painless. I was blessed to have two midwives who allowed me to control my environment while monitoring my labor in a very respectful manner. I felt secure knowing that they had the medical knowledge, experience, and equipment to deliver my baby.

I look back on that night with such joy. Never in my wildest dreams did I think birth could be so life changing, but it truly was. Noah’s birth was so incredibly beautiful. Although homebirth is not for everyone, it is important every family has the right to choose their birth story.